MUTAI Shunsuke

🇯🇵 Japan

MUTAI Shunsuke (Born in Misato Village (Azumino City), Nagano PREF) is  a Member, House of Representatives (Nagano Prefecture 2nd District, LDP). He graduated from Faculty of Law, University of Tokyo.

2014 Re-elected as member of House of Representatives 

2012 Elected for the first time as member of House of  Representatives 

2010 Professor, Faculty of Law, Kanagawa University 

2007 Director, London Office, Council of Local Authorities for  International Relations 

Held offices such as 

– Director of Financial Management Division, Local Public  Finance Bureau, MIC, 

– Director of Disaster Management Division, Fire and Disaster  Management Agency 

1980 Entered Ministry of Home affairs 

(present Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, MIC) 

  • Deputy Director, Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and  Telecommunications Division, LDP
  • Deputy Director, Treasury and Finance Division, LDP ⮚ Deputy Chief Secretary, Special Committee on Disasters, LDP
  • Chief Secretary, Federation of Diet Members for “Mountain  Day”
  • Chief Secretary, Federation of LDP Diet Members for Promoting  Water Utility