International Network of Parliamentarians on Tibet 


(如果英文可以改成Global Network of Parliamentarians on Tibet,中文用全球支持西藏國會議員連線,語意會更清楚)


Mission statement


The International Network of Parliamentarians on Tibet aims to support the Tibetan people and actively promote an early resolution of the Tibet-China conflict that will end the occupation of Tibet, all in accordance with the principles and norms of international law and the non-violent approach pursued by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the Tibetan Parliament in Exile and the Central Tibetan Administration.


Goals and activities


The international cross-party network of legislators fosters collaboration and cooperation among its members to realize its mission. In particular it endeavors to:


  • hold the PRC accountable for actions and policies in Tibet that violate international law, including the Tibetans’ civil and political rights and cultural, social and economic rights;
  • hold the PRC accountable for its violations of international law stemming from its ongoing occupation of Tibet and its refusal to permit Tibetans to exercise their internationally recognized right to self-determination;
  • hold the PRC accountable for any interference in the selection or appointment of the future reincarnation of the Dalai Lama as well as of other reincarnated Lamas and their spiritual education and ministry;
  • promote parliamentary and governmental policies that uphold the rights of the Tibetan people, including their right to practice their own religion, protect and develop their language, culture and national identity, and determine their own destiny;
  • promote policies and actions aimed at ending the occupation of Tibet and achieving a resolution of the Sino-Tibetan conflict;
  • hold governments accountable for policies and behavior in relation to Tibet, the Tibetans and the Sino-Tibetan conflict that violate their international legal responsibilities and obligations;針對與西藏、西藏人民及漢藏爭端相關之事,問責各國政府違反其國際法律責任和義務政策行為;
  • hold governments accountable for policies and behavior that harm prospects for a resolution of the Tibet-China conflict and negatively impact the exercise by the Tibetan people of their rights;
  • advise and where possible assist the Tibetan Parliament in Exile and its Members in their international advocacy efforts, in line with the above mission statement and goals. 

Core Group and Secretariat


A core group of INPaT members, who act as the networks co-chairs, helps INPaTs secretariat encourage parliamentarians worldwide to take action and to coordinate such action.


The Core Group reports in writing on such actions, on progress achieved or obstacles encountered three months before the start of each World ParliamentariansConvention on Tibet and presents this report as well as any recommendations it may have at the Convention itself.

核心小組於每一屆「世界國會議員西藏大會」(World ParliamentariansConvention on Tibet,又譯「國際議會支持西藏組織大會」)開幕三個月前,以書面報告INPaT行動、進度或遭遇到的障礙,並大會提交此報告、以及任何建議方案。

The Tibetan Parliamentary Secretariat in Dharamshala acts as INPaTs secretariat, which keeps INPaT members informed, helps coordinate activities, and provides support for the work of the Core Group.