Freddy Lim

🇹🇼 Taiwan

Freddy Lim, the lead vocalist of the Taiwanesemetallers CHTHONIC was elected as a member of the Taiwanese parliament in 2016, making him the first metal star to become a parliamentarian. However, he made history not only because he became the first metal star in the parliament, but also because he successfully overturned a constituency that had long been held by a senior parliamentarian affiliated with the KMT with an authoritarian tradition. In 2020, after a hard battle, he won his re-election.

In the parliament, Freddy is a member of the Foreign and Defense Committee. He actively participates in parliamentary diplomacy, expanding Taiwan’s links with the international community, while resisting China’s pressure. At the same time, he devoted himself to pushing for transitional justice and human rights. What Freddy does as a parliamentarian echoes the works of CHTHONIC. Besides, he also pushed for the bill on marriage equality, gender equality, cultural policies, and justice between generations.